Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bon Esprit and Winston Kingdom present Asociaal part 6

Tomorrow night the place to be in Amsterdam !!!!!
Bon Esprit Asociaal part 6

During 8 hours, We'll mix Live Rockabilly and 80's anthems, Disco Punk and Porky Electro, Live Garage Rock and Electro Techno, Vodka and Paint, Gorgeous visuals and a Lovely crowd ... Diversity and Quality, as usual...

This time, come early!! We start at 10 with a live One woman band!

2 live bands:
Bomber LeO (Nl), KinG KonG KobrA (Swe)

4 Djs and a Half:

Kaseta (Nl), Fiiix (Ficha/Fr) & Abdenour (Ficha/NL)
La S.D.A.P (Bon Esprit/Fr/Uk), Hank Disaster (Bon Esprit/Fr)

Visuals by Dylan Glyn Jones, Live painting by Monark
Photography by Mony Art, Absolut Vodka Guns
Damage: 7 Euros

If you want to know more about our friends read this super cool interview with Bon Esprit Stephane Serra in the online Iam Expat